Returning to matches post Covid

West Ham United, a number of supporter groups (including representation from us BAME Hammers) and the Football Supporters Association met today (Thursday 3rd September) as part of continued dialogue between the parties. The meeting was chaired by Ashley Brown from the FSA.

Discussions around the Club’s approach to structured dialogue and engagement with fans and supporter groups has been taking place throughout the summer and, while the Club await the final feedback from groups as to how they want this process to work going forward, an interim meeting took place specifically to discuss communications around the much-anticipated return of fans to London Stadium, in line with the latest Government and SGSA guidance, and how the Club can effectively communicate that information to supporters.

The meeting was constructive with the groups sharing ideas around that topic and of the Club’s approach to communications with supporters, which the Club listened to and took on board. It was agreed that the Club will communicate regular updates in relation to welcoming back supporters in the ‘Fans’ section on

The Club’s Supporter Services team will also be creating comprehensive matchday guides to ensure fans have all the information and guidance available to them before they arrive at London Stadium for fixtures. The involvement of supporters’ groups in the creation of the matchday guide and the format that this is communicated in was invited and welcomed by the Club.

The ideas put forward by the supporter group representatives were constructive and received well by the Club, who thanked the representatives for giving their views.

To conclude the discussions, the Club and the supporter groups agreed minutes will be drawn up from the meeting which will be shared with group members by September 8th.

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